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What is Supported Living?

What is Supported Living?

We believe people with disabilities should have choice and control over where, how and whom they live with, and who should provide them with the support they need to do this.

Supported Living separates housing and support so each solution is unique to the individual tenant.

We source and secure good quality homes, while the right general social, domiciliary or floating care and support is provided by care provider organisations.

Our tenants have security of tenure with the same rights and responsibilities as anyone who rents their own home.

Supported housing exists to ensure those with support needs can lead a healthy and fulfilling life within their own home and community.

Supported housing services range widely, but they all play a crucial role in providing a safe and secure home with support for people to live independently.

Some of our supported living services are purpose-built or have been adapted and use technology that helps people to live as independently as possible.

We can provide personal support to help you with things like getting dressed. We can also help you around the home, such as cooking a meal. And if you would like support to go out in the community or to do your favourite thing, we can help you with that too. Support is available from a
couple of hours a week to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our services meet or exceed the standards set by the Care Quality Commission and respective local authorities, teams and services that we work with.


Care and Support Services in Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire & The Isle of Wight

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