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Promoting Client’s Rights

Swivel Healthcare provides good quality domiciliary care by working in ways that promote a fulfilment  in life by encouraging our clients to enjoy their rights as individuals.

The following rights are fundamental to Swivel Healthcare Domiciliary service:

  • Privacy

  • Dignity

  • Independence & Security

  • Civil rights

  • Choice

  • Fulfilment

  • Diversity

Person centred planning is carried out with all our clients to ascertain the lifestyle they choose to live, their aims and goals they wish to achieve. All care plans/support plans, action plans, health care plans, risk assessments and programmes of activities are devised or followed and reviewed with all relevant parties. Activity programmes and action plans are designed to stimulate, and meet educational, social, leisure, spiritual, religious and cultural needs as required.

Client groups and associated support needs:

  • Adults aged 18-65

  • Older Adults aged 65+

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Disability

  • Dementia

  • Sensory Impairment

  • Learning Disability or Autistic Disorder

carer helping a man in a wheelchair

Personal Home Care Services:

  • Getting clients up

  • Assist with bathing, showering (bed or bath tub)

  • Toileting & continence care

  • Dressing

  • Shaving and all other grooming

  • Assisting clients to bed

  • Oral & denture care

  • Assist with administering medication as directed by the GP or District Nurse

  • Assist with repositioning bed bound clients to help prevent skin breakdown

  • Assist with active range of motion activities and exercising

  • Support to maintain and regain active way of life after illness or injury

Food Related Services:

  • Meal planning and preparation

  • Providing cooked meals and beverages

  • Leaving cold food prepared according to diet and preferences

  • Assistance with eating and drinking‚

Household Services:

  • Washing and ironing

  • Making and changing bed sheets

  • Housekeeping- vacuuming, dusting and looking after watering of house plants etc

  • General cleaning- kitchen, bathrooms and all other areas of client’s home

Image by Cassidy Phillips
carer laughing with a man

Social/ Supportive Care:

  • Assistance with completing paperwork/forms

  • Bill payment

  • Assistance with telephone calls

  • Reading

  • Games and entertainment

  • Liaising with friends and relatives

  • Assistance with visits to friends & relatives

  • Assistance with getting to appointments

  • Actively monitoring general client wellbeing

  • Support to regain and maintain social skills

  • Day & night sitting

  • Help with shopping

  • Assistance with attendance to social networks

Specialist Services:

  • Holiday relief & respite care

  • Day & night sitting

  • Terminal care

  • Support for people with severe physical disabilities

Care and Support Services in Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire & The Isle of Wight

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